Residential Siding Replacement

Transform your home’s exterior with J&S Siding, serving West Michigan homeowners for over 20 years. Get started with a FREE estimate, no charge or obligation.

Your home is only as good as the materials from which it’s built.

At J&S Siding, we use only the best possible products to ensure your home siding withstand external factors. We are committed to giving each homeowner the attention and service they need.

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Siding Replacement Process

J&S Siding, specializes in providing top-notch home siding replacement services that enhance the look and durability of your home. From consultation and material selection, to installation and final inspection, our expert team is dedicated to delivering high-quality work and customer satisfaction. Whether you're looking to update the aesthetic of your house or need to replace worn-out siding, we've got you covered!

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Calculate Siding Replacement Cost

Understanding the cost of siding replacement can help you budget for your home improvement project. Get started with our user-friendly siding cost calculator that provides an estimate based on your specific requirements. Simply input the details of your home and receive a breakdown of expected cost by siding.